Asia Advisory Board


Composed of eminent leaders from a variety of sectors from across the globe, the Asia Advisory Board provides the school leadership team and faculty with advice and guidance as we transform the world through access, excellence, and innovation in business knowledge.


The W. P. Carey Asia Advisory Board strengthens the brand, student development, recruitment, and philanthropy for the W. P. Carey School of Business worldwide. The members serve as an advisory group for the dean and act as advocates for the school in their communities and within their respective organizations.


  • Mr. Yi Chen
    Managing Director and Head of Global Capital Markets
    Haitong International Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Ms. Lingli (Lily) Deng
    Vice President
    Leo Group Co., Ltd.
  • Ms. Xiuqin He
    Co-Founder and General Manager
    Tsingshan Holding Group
  • Mr. Xinjun Liang
    Co-founder and Former vice chairman/CEO
    Fosun International
  • Ms. Jinhui (Jean) Li
    Vice President
    Dongjiang Group
  • Ms. Minghua (Dora) Liu
    Innovation Leader & Eastern Region Managing Partner
    Deloitte China
  • Mr. Yizhou (Joe) He
    Managing Director & China CEO
    Australian Capital Equity Pty Ltd
  • Ms. Ning Zhang
    Red Avenue New Materials Group
  • Mr. Lei Shi
    General Manager & Executive Director
    Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Group Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Fudan Technology Enterprise Holdings Ltd.
  • Ms. Sirong (Audrey) Li
    Swiftfortune Investment Co., Ltd;
    Vice President
    Ekpac China Limited

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