Learn it. Live it. Liftoff.

The Carey Code celebrates the visionary leaders who built this school from the ground up. It recognizes alumni achievements, lifelong learning, career advancement, and future-forward thinking. It is a testament to the hallmark traditions, principles, and values this community has always emulated.

The Carey Code

I am a W. P. Carey Sun Devil:

I contribute to our legacy and live our values of excellence, integrity, impact, and community

I demonstrate that business is personal by treating others with respect and kindness

I advocate for access and equal opportunity to create stronger organizations and inclusive societies

I embrace and exhibit ethical business practices and lead others by example

I champion fellow Sun Devils and volunteer when and what I can to promote their success

And, together, we will spark positive change in the world, by doing good while doing well.

Above all, it is the promise that we all make to support one another, now and always. To support the future success of every W. P. Carey Sun Devil — alumni, students, staff, faculty, and friends alike. Because we measure ourselves by who we include and how they succeed. And together, our potential is truly limitless.

Together, we are capable of so much more than we are in isolation.

― ASU President Michael Crow

A business school for a business community.

The Carey Code is over 60 years in the making. Because while this initiative is new, its impact and spirit is evident throughout our school’s history — and likely your daily lives. We are pleased and proud to introduce it to you now, as well as highlight some of your many contributions to the past, present, and future of ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business. Our story is and always will be the sum of thousands more, lived and championed by W. P. Carey Sun Devils like you.

As we grow stronger, so too does your W. P. Carey degree. The continued advancement of this community is made possible by hard work, generosity, and involvement, which includes alumni giving, mentoring, recruiting, and so much more. Thank you for contributing to the success of this school, our students, and fellow W. P. Carey Sun Devils around the globe.

A foundation for lifelong engagement and inclusion.

We pride the W. P. Carey School of Business on being a place where business is personal. This means developing close connections with our students, our campus, our alumni, our community, and each other. We do not subscribe to a factory model of education, but instead believe that each member of the school will thrive when celebrated as an individual and treated with respect.

While we work to make this message apparent in our everyday interactions, it is not clearly spelled out in a way that codifies what is expected as a member of the W. P. Carey School. How can we better shape student and alumni W. P. Carey identity, and their orientation towards each other and society?

The Carey Code will be a stated and lived identity that clearly lays out the expectations for those who are connected to the W. P. Carey School of Business. From incoming undergraduates to far-flung alumni to long-tenured faculty and staff, the Carey Code reminds us that we are W. P. Carey Sun Devils for life, and it is incumbent on us to enrich that legacy.

Where does the Carey Code come from?

The Carey Code was developed in response to alumni feedback, noting that other schools had engaged their graduates to carry the mission of the school forward in their careers and communities.

We decided to expand our approach, including not just alumni, but our entire W. P. Carey community.

How is the Carey Code different from other school policies or initiatives?

The Carey Code combines initiatives from various areas of the school (e.g., Honor Code, Where business is personal®) into one recognizable and actionable message.

This does not negate our other initiatives, but instead reinforces them by connecting back to our collective cause and values.

Does the Carey Code change our values?

No. In fact, the tenets of the Carey Code are evident throughout our history.

In 1969, the business school formed the Executive Luncheon Series to bridge the gap between students and the business community.

In 1982, alumni volunteered their time, talent, and treasure to form the Hispanic Business Alumni Chapter.

In 2003, William Polk Carey made the largest donation in school history, breathing philanthropy and innovation into our DNA.

In 2005, we hosted the inaugural Camp Carey to start incoming business students on the right foot by developing early relationships in the school.

Today, our faculty engage in meaningful research into ethical business practices and the future of business. The Carey Code is new, but what it stands for is not.

What are we trying to accomplish with the Carey Code?

To create community across the many ways people interact with W. P. Carey, especially as students graduate and transition to alumni.

The code is an outward expression of inward identity, reminding all members of the community that they are W. P. Carey Sun Devils for life, and there are expectations of that respected membership.

The code will also be a way to showcase who we are as a school. When we consider what W. P. Carey has to offer, anything less than the Carey Code is only telling part of the story.

How do I learn more about the Carey Code?

If you have any unanswered questions, please email Brennan.Forss@asu.edu.